Dementia Care for Seniors

Caregiving for Adults Living With Dementia

Watching your loved one suffer from dementia is painful, and at times, frustrating. You only want the best for them, but you may not always be able to provide it. That is why we’re here.

We help families find the right dementia care services for their loved one. Our senior placement process is designed to help every senior living with dementia maximize their quality of life, and live freely in a safe, supportive environment.

Dementia Care

How Dementia Care Helps

As dementia progresses, memory loss and disorientation can make everyday life scary and challenging for seniors. That is why we place them in licensed, experienced dementia care facilities where they can get the care they deserve.

The goal of dementia care services is to provide a safe residential environment that grants seniors the opportunity to live freely without jeopardizing their wellbeing.

Seniors with moderate to severe dementia can receive daily living care with bathing, toileting, personal hygiene, feeding, and medication.

A dementia care home is a welcoming space where seniors can build relationships with the trained staff, and participate in a variety of therapies and activities that promote mental stimulation, physical well-being, and socialization.

When to Enter Dementia Care

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s disease can have mild symptoms for years, but when dementia progresses, they may no longer be able to live comfortably with their families.

If you are unsure whether dementia services are right for your loved one, here are some signs that they may benefit from them.

  • They can no longer remember the names of family or friends
  • They experience frequent disorientation and confusion throughout the day
  • They can no longer perform daily activities without help
  • They have a tendency to wander and get lost
  • Physical or mental impairments make it difficult for them to be independent
  • They can no longer look after their personal needs, and require 24-hour caregiving

Choosing dementia care means placing your loved one’s needs first. Our senior placement services can make the transition easy while respecting the challenges such a big move can post to a senior with moderate or advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

We Can Refer You to the Right Provider

Agape Senior Resources is here to support you and your loved one’s care. Our referral process includes getting to know your family member, answering your questions, and finding a dementia care facility that respects their needs and budget. Please contact us today to learn more.


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